Scientifically Designed

The Side Sleeper Bed is designed to maintain perfect alignment and temperature throughout all four stages of rest.

Designed and Manufactured in Colorado

Old world craftsmanship combined with modern cooling technology and cooling wool, the side sleeper bed is unparalleled in pressure relief, comfort and longevity.

35 years of extensive research on spinal alignment and material design has led our Local Family Business here – to a prescription for side sleeping that will relieve pressure and eliminate tossing and turning.

The prescription for side sleepers.

The Side Sleeper Mattress is scientifically designed to support your body's natural sleep cycle and keep you supported and asleep through every sleep stage. The prescription for side sleepers.


Stage #1 - Moving into Relaxation

The unique design of the mattress creates an incredibly weightless experience and tension free spinal alignment.

Stage #2 - Falling Asleep

The side sleeper encourages our body temp to decrease by utilizing sweat wicking natural wool fibers and thermal conductive gel material to properly assist in bringing your temp down and keeping it down.

Stage #3

During the most important step, your spine is in perfect alignment from contouring support layers, and clean, cool high density foam. Pressure in the knees, hips and shoulders is eliminated.

R.E.M. Stage

Dreams Begin, and a full cycle of sleep is complete.
More Sleeping. Less Tossing and Turning.

Tossing and turning restless sleep is not true sleep

The body counts on uninterrupted deep rest and REM, for restoring tired muscles, and rejuvenating the mind. Restlessness or inability to sleep starts right when you get into bed, where pain and discomfort keep people in daytime patterns and unable to enter into phase one of the sleep cycle.

We are committed to your satisfaction.

✔️ We design and manufacture our products right here in Colorado. If there’s a problem, you deal directly with us.

✔️ Our White Glove Delivery Staff is our in house team. They are specialists at SEAMLESS delivery, set up, and haul away. All included with your purchase.

✔️ When we say family business, we mean it. Our founder Billy and his daughters have earned raving reviews from working to make sure every customer is completely satisfied.


We don't like to brag, but...

“This is a great company! Very professional customer service that I’ve rarely found anywhere else. I literally couldn’t recommend them enough.”


“Amazing bed for a great price! Great service right from the website to delivery.”

Hughes FamilyBoulder

“I’ve now purchased three mattresses…. They’re proud of their product and they know everything there is to know. They really want you to LOVE your new mattress.”

Matt G.Denver